The BMP-215E Scarifier

An electric powered scarifier

Working width: 215 mm | The Blastrac BMP-215E is electrical powered, perfect for all types of applications. It has an user friendly design, comfortable to use with low vibrations and easy to manoeuvre.

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The Blastrac BMP-215E is electrical powered, perfect for all types of applications. Blastrac scarifiers are designed to be easy to use and maintain, extending the effectiveness of the operator the job without vibrations or stress, the Blastrac BMP-215E scarifier is compact, powerful, and durable. The BMP-215E scarifier is almost dust free when connected to the appropriate Blastrac dust collection system. Blastrac has designed a full range of scarifiers and cutters, which give the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.



Easy to manoeuvre, minimum vibrations and everything you need to control the machines is within arm’s reach. The handles and lifting eyes make it easy to transport.



The working depth of the drum with cutting / milling tools is easily adjustable, and precise to the millimetre. This means no underground deterioration.



All Blastrac scarifies are built in a way that all the weight of the machine is centred in order to create a maximum down force on the rotating drum.



All our scarifying models come in an electric or a petrol/diesel version to give you even more versatility.



Blastrac scarifiers are especially designed so that the drum can easily be pulled out of the machine from the side, without having to move the machine.



Our scarifiers, like any other Blastrac machine, do not use any chemicals or waste valuable drinking water.



Technical Specifications of the BMP-215E Scarifier

Working width215mm
Scarifying capacityUp to 70m²/h on concrete
Motor power1,8kW / 230V - 50Hz / 16A - Single phase
1,8kW / 400V – 50Hz / 16A – Three phase 1,5kW / 110V – 50Hz / 32A – Single phase
Working speed1750 rpm
Dimensions (L,W,H)971mm / 370mm / 1000mm
Drive system / speedManual / N/A
Working directionForward (push)
SurfaceConcrete / Stone / Asphalt

Options / Accessories for the BMP-215E Scarifier

Drum complete with milling MPL42 cutttersMPD215L42SX
Drum with 5x10mm shaftsMPD215-510
Drum shaft Ø10 mmMPA215-10
Milling cutter 7PT. Ø12xØ34x12 Complete set : 50 PCSMPL42-1
Drum complete with Original MPL212 cuttersMPD215L212S
Drum with 4 x 12 mm shaftsMPD215-412
Drum shaft Ø12 mmMPA215-12
Cutter 5PT. Ø16 x Ø 44x6 / 8.3 TC - Complete set : 84 PCSMPL212
Spacer ring 1,5mm for drum with MPL212 - Complete set : 8 PCSMPL19
Washer 2,5mm for frum with MPL212 - Complete set: 108 PCSMPL20
Spacer ring for drum with TC MPL42-1 - Complete set : 16 PCSMPL35
Spacer ring for drum with TC MPL42-1 - Complete set : 131 PCSMPL36
Refill set with MPL42-1MPL42S215SX
Refill set with MPL212MPL121S215