The BMG-735RS Floor Grinder

A remote controlled heavy duty floor grinder

Working width: Ø735 mm | The BMG-735RS has 3 x Ø240 mm discs. It is remote controlled and has a solid all metal construction to create the ideal weight.

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The BMG-735RS is a remote controlled floor grinder with 3 x Ø240 mm discs. The Blastrac BMG–735RS is a triple head grinder designed for finishing large horizontal surfaces. This machine is standard equipped with a speed control system. Same as all Blastrac grinders the BMG-735RS has a solid all metal construction to create the ideal weight. This triple head grinder is dust free when connected to the appropriate dust collection system. Blastrac has designed a full range of triple head grinders and diamond products, which give the opportunity to process any floor and specific application.



Easy to manoeuvre, minimum vibrations and user friendly control panel. Thanks to the height adjustable handles it is easy to keep control over the machine. Plug and grind!



The 3 planetary rotating dics in each Blastrac triple disc grinding machine allows maximum coverage and effective pressure distribution. The width of each grinding disc depends on the size of the machine. 



Our triple disc grinders are compatible with the patented Diamag magnetic adapter plates, where the diamond tools can be easily mounted on. 



Our triple disc grinders are ideal for polishing and maintaining floors as well. Due to the adjustable pressure distribution a perfect polished finish can be achieved. 



Every Blastrac grinder should be connected to a Blastrac industrial dust collector. This means that you are able to work dust free, creating a safe working environment. 



Our triple disc grinders, like any other Blastrac machine, do not use any chemicals or waste valuable drinking water.



Technical Specifications of the

Name Description
Working width Ø735 mm
Motor 11kW / 400V - 50Hz / 22A – 32A connection
Wheel motors 2 x 0,25kW 
Working speed 350 – 1.100 rpm
Weight 465 kg  
Grinding pressure 190 – 330 kg
Dimensions L / W / H 1.980 mm / 735 mm / 1.180 mm
Drive system / Speed Electric / 0.15 m/s
Push / Pull machine Push
Frequency remote control 2,40 GHz, Bluetooth connection 
Control current 12 VDC
Battery control unit 12 VDC rechargeable battery (2 battery’s included)
Application Concrete / Natural stone / Asphalt

Options / Accessories for the

Name Description
Dust collector manual cleaning
Dust collector pulse cleaning
BDC-1330LP / BDC-1330TLP / BDC-3140LP 
BDC-1330LPP / BDC-3140LPP
Diamag adapter plate E07240-2
Blue grinding wings BG707321 – 18 / 20 
BG707322 – 30 / 40
Green grinding wings
BG707311 – 18/20
BG707312 – 30/40  
BG707313 – 60/80 
BG707314 – 120/150 
Red grinding wings
BG707301 – 18/20 
BG707302 – 30/40 
BG707303 – 60/80 
BG707304 – 120/150 
Black grinding wings BG707341-1
PCD grinding wings
BG200995 – 1 x 1 PCD grinding wing
BG200997 – PCD split grinding wing
Bush hammering plate E07455 (Incl. tools)
Cutter plate BG300117-1 (Incl. tools)
Wet & Dry resin tools Sets / On request
10m suction hose Ø76mm 005014
Watertank complete E08797