The BDC-138H Dust Collector

The BDC-138H is completely HEPA certified

The spares, tools and consumables listed below are especially designed to be fitted on the Blastrac BDC-138H as well as on similar dust collectors of other suppliers.

BDC-138H hepa dust collector

Always use Blastrac genuine spares, tools and consumables: they are especially designed for heavy duty professional use, and will ensure a longer life time for your equipment!

Accessories for the BDC-138H Dust Collector

10m suction hose Ø 51mm004583
10m suction hose Ø 76mm005014
Longopac bagging systemBLS-138
M-class filterK138M
HEPA absolute filterK138H
Mobile nozzle 400mm widthCF722029
Mobile nozzle 500mm widthCF722147
Chromed hand grip 50mmCF722122